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新2皇冠mobile continues to design and build beautiful homes and understands the adversity that Australian homeowners are feeling with the current events affecting the building industry. As we navigate through one of the hardest times facing construction, we can assure you that 新2皇冠mobile’s position remains strong and we continue to service our clients during these difficult times.

In today's uncertain times there can be much anxiety in proceeding with, for many, what will be their largest investment in building a new home. With the impacts of the global COVID pandemic still with us, high building costs, supply chain issues and lately reports of large builders in other states in financial difficulty,  it is little wonder that there are legitimate concerns in engaging and/or progressing with a builder at this time.

Home Owners Warranty

Firstly, it is important to be clear that building in NSW is very different to other states, particularly Victoria. In NSW it is mandatory for builders to provide Home Owners Warranty (HOW) insurance for any works over $20 000. This provides a safety net for homeowners in the event of a builder’s or contractor’s insolvency, death, disappearance or licence suspension where, the builder or contractor has failed to comply with a NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or Court money order obtained by the homeowner. The insurer (icare HBCF) also assists homeowners with incomplete or defective residential building work where the builder or contractor is no longer able to meet their contractual obligations.

To be able to issue this insurance, a builder must have a current Certificate of Eligibility from the insurer. This confirms the builder or contractor has been assessed and approved by their Eligibility Risk Manager. This Certificate of Eligibility is issued each year after an audit of the builder, where cash reserves and building margins are assessed.

新2皇冠mobile has a current Certificate of Eligibility and complies with all requirements by applying and confirming the issue of this insurance prior to our customers signing a building contract and paying their deposit.

For more information please refer to icare NSW 

The 新2皇冠mobile Difference

Further, 新2皇冠mobile is very different to many other builders. Most (predominantly large project) builders have you commit by signing a contract and paying a large deposit (5% or greater) very early on in the process, prior to any design or compliance work being completed. Whereas at 新2皇冠mobile, we only require fees as you progress to fund reports and services as they are required. 新2皇冠mobile only requires a contract to be signed and deposit made at the end of the design & planning process just prior to your construction start. As the payments for the design & planning services are staged, your exposure is minimised, and further payments are only made on completion of the prior stages. As your HOW insurance is paid prior to contract signing you are then covered for any losses that may occur during the construction of your new home.

Finally, 新2皇冠mobile is managed by hands-on owners and directors who have a wealth of management experience both in the corporate and building sectors and is a business supported by systems and tools typical of large corporates such as cloud computing, integrated financial systems and BI reporting. (Learn more about our management team .) During the recent home owners stimulus package that drove excessive demand across the whole industry, 新2皇冠mobile took the unusual step of capping sales to minimise the impact of resourcing constraints being felt by the industry at present. We are a business that is continuing to grow with strong foundations and a high level of optimism for a post COVID world.

Design Collection
Display Homes
Custom Designs

Unique Living Experiences

It’s the little things that make a difference when you choose to build with 新2皇冠mobile.

Year’s of experience understanding how Australian’s live has taught us to think beyond functional elements of planning and construction; to factor in things you can’t necessarily see but you can always feel; the things that make the most difference to building – and living in – your brand new home.

It’s our full-service design team of architects, landscape architects, lighting specialists and interior designers who optimise your home unique to your household and lifestyle. It’s our attention to detail, the ‘nice to haves’ that are the 新2皇冠mobile difference, and we welcome you to discover it for yourself.


Design Process

Our Design and Construction process has been fine-tuned over time and it optimises the entire journey. Compliance, architecture, interior design, and construction are all interlaced to produce a comprehensive design that blends design and lifestyle aspirations with compliance and financial constraints.


Knock Down Rebuild

Experience with the changing needs of suburban living is a vital component of our success. Our understanding of the surroundings allows us to make a customer's investment go further, from home types to council standards and regulations.

Whether you want to stay in your favourite neighbourhood or remodel an existing house somewhere else, our knowledge of the Australian construction landscape allows you the opportunity to design something new that is tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.


Where We Build

Creating homes designed for this city – the locations, aspects and seasons – merging outside and inside living.
新2皇冠mobile design and construct new homes in Sydney’s Metro Region and selected surrounding suburbs. We specialise in custom builds; knockdown rebuilds and challenging projects.
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