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North Willoughby, SYDNEY NSW


The appeal of this elegant home style is classic yet fresh, timeless and inviting, it's easy to see why it's a favourite for many Australian families. A rendered brick throughout with architectural designed moulding has been used to the front façade with a well-designed first floor building line to create the Provincial look.

A classic characteristic of the Provincial design, the Portico balcony enhances the entryway of the residence with a traditional window and decorative railing above, adding to the streetscape and keeping the front entry dry.

This outstanding Sydney home is the perfect mix of elegant and simple interiors. With marble look benches, black and white contrasting hues and timber throughout.

In construction...



If you have a design style in mind or would like to discuss your knockdown rebuild project, we would love to help you. Simply complete the form below to request an informal discussion about your custom home.




Unique Local Edge

All of our homes are unique, and so is the context in which they are built. A critical element of our success is experience with the fluctuating needs of suburban living. From home styles to council requirements and regulations - it's our knowledge of the context that makes a customer's investment go further.

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