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Embracing the Simple Elegance of Provincial Design.

French Provincial architecture emphasis a sense of balance and symmetry, which was the most crucial characteristic while designing this façade for our client.

Our designers deliberately kept the façade simple opting to select distinct types of mouldings to add interest and contrast. Bandings added to the render of the front columns help tie in with the colonial bars of the windows.

Our resident interior design adds, “My clients wanted to go down the classical, provincial path. We achieved this through the high-end finishes, detailed elements and a warm colour palette. The entry hall and elegant staircase create an impressive and yet welcoming space which accentuate the grandeur that comes from the provincial styles.”

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Provincial Design Guide

Embracing history can help you achieve this classic style

As early as the 1600's this provincial style of home has been popular. First established in the popular French provinces in Normandy, Brittany and Provence, these regional areas began designing and building country homes with an aristocratic style.

Traditional features like brick and stone facades, steep pitched rooves and arched windows were popular however, Australian French Provincial style has evolved taking the best features and creating wonderful street-scapes. The interior design is just as important to complete the style.


Custom Floor Plans

Every plan we design, every home we build is as unique as the family we build for. Discover our custom floor plan gallery.

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