Can't find the perfect home design? Let's personalise your favourite 新2皇冠mobile design and make it your own!

Your block may be an odd shape, sloping , on a corner or you simply want something that is unique and perfectly suited to your tastes and lifestyle.

Whatever the case may be, designing and building your dream home is highly rewarding and brings daily satisfaction to those who have embarked on a custom home building journey.


Meet your very own 新2皇冠mobile Architectural Designer and collaborate with our team of experts to personalise one of our architecturally designed plans and make it your own. Change the facade, flip the house, increase the window sizes or even add a workshop! 

Our holistic architectural approach means you can achieve a custom-built home without the custom build price. Read what our clients have said!


Personalised Home Design Example

We started with one of our standard plans, an Elyse 38 and worked with our client to incorporate their own personalised design aspirations. Some of the changes to this custom design included replacing the Elyse Contemporary facade with a Sienna Urban facade, adding a workshop to the garage, reversing the staircase and adding a walk in linen cupboard. The result ticked all the right boxes!

By utilising our personalised design service which allows for incredible flexibility to any of our standard plans, the clients achieved everything they'd hoped for and more  - all by starting with their favourite 新2皇冠mobile design.


The 新2皇冠mobile Homes 'Personalise' Design Process

We love helping clients create their ideal home by following our simple 4 step process;

1. Let's get to know each other

This is where we take time to understand you, your family and your lifestyle to get a clear picture of what is important to you in your new home. We begin creating your design brief by asking you all the important questions so nothing is overlooked.

Everything from room details, spaces, style and budget will be discussed so we have a clear picture of what you want.

2. Let's personalise

Now that your vision is defined and documented our expert custom home designers will begin personalising one of our standard plans with your ideas and create a design that will optimise your block.

Our team of architectural designers collaborate closely with our construction team to ensure your home design comes in on budget - including all site cost considerations so there are no surprises when you build.

Of course, you'll also get to provide feedback along the way so you can make modifications to the final design so it's perfect for you.

During this time we will conduct a full site analysis including a site inspection, soil test, surveys and compliance check to ensure there are no surprises during your build.

This extensive site investigation gives us the information we need so we can provide you with the genuine cost of building your dream home.

3. Let's plan

A beautiful home design should be complimented with beautiful exterior and interior colour choices. Our unique, personalised selections process with our qualified interior designers and decorators make this simple for you by providing expert advice and guidance so your home looks and feels amazing.

During this stage, we also take care of all the administration side of building a new home. You'll receive full documentation and our 新2皇冠mobile Homes Genuine Price building contracts. We'll help you understand all the fine print so you're 100% comfortable with your home and inclusions.

4. Let's build!

The wonderful experience of building a custom home design with 新2皇冠mobile Homes is enhanced when you are introduced to your personal construction supervisor.

You'll get a better understanding of the construction process - where we adhere to realistic time-frames and deliver exceptional workmanship.

Your weekly updates and milestone site visits keeps you abreast of progress and gives you further confidence that your home is going to be exactly as planned.

Ready for a quick chat about your building ideas?

Simply complete the form below.

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