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Simple lines, gentle organic curves and pure forms make this style so iconic.

Dating back to the middle of the 20 th  century, mid-century modern design was considered a style way ahead of its time. Making a comeback to Australian home design, this timeless style is a mixture of graphic shapes, clean lines, natural and manmade textures, and organic materials.
Classic colours of ochre, orange, brown and mustard yellow contrasted against vibrant, pops of colour pair with organic, earthy hues for a retro-tinged, fresh, monochromatic look.
It’s the ‘no fuss’, practicality and passion for different materials that neatly wrap up this style and brings life to spaces with quirky design.
The Cambridge


Our Interior Designers have curated 新2皇冠mobile Mid Century Modern Pinterest board  to help you visualise this organic, geometric style in your home. Discover your own style and plan for your future forever home.

The Process

Our Design and Construction process has been fine-tuned over time and it optimises the entire journey. Compliance, architecture, interior design, and construction are all interlaced to produce a comprehensive design that blends design and lifestyle aspirations with compliance and financial constraints.

Knock Down Rebuild

Experience with the changing needs of suburban living is a vital component of our success. Our understanding of the surroundings allows us to make a customer's investment go further, from home types to council standards and regulations.
Whether you want to stay in your favourite neighbourhood or remodel an existing house somewhere else, our knowledge of the Australian construction landscape allows you the opportunity to design something new that is tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

Where We Build

Creating homes designed for this city – the locations, aspects and seasons – merging outside and inside living. 新2皇冠mobile design and construct new homes in Sydney’s Metro Region and selected surrounding suburbs. We specialise in custom builds; knockdown rebuilds and challenging projects.
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