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Creating Dream Bathrooms with Villeroy & Boch

At 新2皇冠mobile Homes, we believe that every Australian should be able to create a customised dream home which perfectly aligns with their lifestyle and provides a haven from our busy world.

We’re known for our extensive luxury inclusions, which allow clients to select high-quality products from top suppliers. An example of this can be seen in our Ascot design - an elegant, new world Provincial home which combines both beauty and warmth.


Nowhere is retreat and restoration more important than in a home’s bathrooms. To create the Ascot’s timelessly elegant bathrooms, we worked with renowned ceramic manufacturer Villeroy & Boch .

Few brands have as storied a history as Villeroy & Boch. Headquartered in Germany, the company was founded in 1748 and has been run by the same family of expert ceramicists for the past 272 years.

Over eight generations, V&B have continually innovated to produce fine ceramic and porcelain products which lead the field in design, technology and construction.


Exceptionally Crafted Bathroom Fixtures

The stunning rectangular basins and slimline toilets in our Ascot home are part of the V&B sanitaryware range.

The products are made globally, with factories in Europe and Asia; where quality is maintained internationally by strict adherence to manufacturing standards.


The level of craftsmanship is remarkable. Every single Villeroy & Boch product is inspected by hand three times during the manufacturing process – after moulding, glazing and firing. Before distribution, a craftsman runs his or her hands over each piece for a final check, ensuring it is perfect before being stamped with the iconic V&B logo.

The “Alpine White” finish is patented and used on all V&B sanitaryware. This crisp hue promotes a feeling of calm and fits well with the Ascot’s flowing design aesthetic.

Beautiful Hygiene

Whilst style is important, 新2皇冠mobile Homes are notable for their combination of form and function in design. It’s essential that all of our homes are comfortable and deeply livable – and the bathrooms are no exception.

In the Ascot home, the O.novo 2.0 DirectFlush BTW Toilet with Slim Seat and the O.novo 2.0 DirectFlush Wall Faced Toilet with Slim Seat  ensure a high level of hygiene and quality.

The innovative rimless design and ‘Directflush’ technology promotes the highest degree of cleanliness. The toilets can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly, removing the difficulty of cleaning under the rim which is experienced with a standard toilet. It is also water-saving, with a flushing volume of only 3 or 4.5 litres.

There is a restrained elegance to the design of both units, which suits the timeless Provincial style which weaves throughout the Ascot home.

Basins and Baths Designed for Delicate Strength

In a 新2皇冠mobile Home, we’re careful to recommend products that look good but will also last.

The Villeroy & Boch
Collaro Rectangular Vessel Basin is made out of a unique compound called “TitanCeram.” A combination of clay, quartz, feldspar and titanium dioxide, this special material allows V&B to create delicate basins with extremely thin walls (8mm) and clearly defined edges, which are also robust, hard-wearing and resistant to heat and cold. 


Another leading German sanitaryware company is responsible for the gorgeous bathtub in the Ascot bathrooms.

  The Bettelux 1700 Drop In Bath has a natural, flowing design. The elegant line and voluminous interior are minimalist craftsmanship at its very best.

  Bette has more than sixty years of history crafting products made from steel/enamel, and the quality of their products is also outstanding. The protective glaze ensures that the bath is heat resistant and absorbent, plus scratch and impact proof.

Thanks to Villeroy & Boch and Bette, the bathroom in the Ascot is a sanctuary which will soothe and calm the soul at the end of a long day.


Like to know more? Explore our
luxury inclusions and the flexible design journey we’re famous for.

It’s time to build your forever home with 新2皇冠mobile.

Find out more about our personalised, curated selections process at Studio You.



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