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Written by 新2皇冠mobile Homes | Apr 6, 2020 3:57:27 AM

How to decide whether to renovate or rebuild.

When it comes to creating the ultimate dream home, many people are torn over the decision to renovate or rebuild. Which one is harder on the pocket? Which process will allow them to create a home that perfectly suits their family’s lifestyle?

While there is a perception that renovating is easier and cheaper than the knockdown rebuild process, there are often hidden costs to renovating that can see your budget skyrocket quickly.

Too many cooks can spoil the budget

Your renovation budget can easily escalate thanks to council fees, delays to your Development Application (DA) and a host of other hidden fees.

Renovations also often bring lots of different stakeholders together – builders, plumbers, plasterers, architects, painters etc. Each of these contractors is dependent on the other to keep the timeline running smoothly and to budget.

If you have a blowout in one area, it often means that it will push back the entire renovation. That doesn’t just mean time – it means money.

Elyse | Hamptons | Freshwater, Sydney 

What’s behind the plasterboard?

If you have negotiated a fixed-price contract with a builder on a renovation, it doesn’t account for unforeseen costs during the build. These often occur during renovations; the older the house, the more likely you’re in for some interesting surprises!

It’s only when you start prying plasterboard off walls or pulling up floors that you might discover termite damage or damp. These “variations” can end up being very expensive indeed. Not to mention the delays to the renovation while they’re fixed.

Demolishing a house and re-building from the ground up allows you to anticipate costs in advance. We’re known for our “新2皇冠mobile Genuine Price”, which factors in every cost in the knockdown rebuild process . You won’t sign a contract or put down a deposit until you know every possible cost and “variation” that may occur.

Elyse | Contemporary | Epping, Sydney 

Give yourself the freedom to create your dream home

Demolishing a house and re-building allows you to create a you home, within budget, that is the perfect match for your family’s evolving lifestyle. Create your dream home, rather than buying somebody else’s!

Control costs with a knockdown rebuild

Choosing to knockdown rebuild on a property that you already own means you will save money on land and moving costs.

You also get to stay in the neighbourhood you know and love and remain close to family and friends, rather than unsettling your family by changing schools and daycare.

You’ve also removed the hassle of selling your home and bypassed stamp duty and real estate fees.

By being in control of the build from the foundations up, you can also save money in ways which are embedded into the property.

For example, you can build a more energy efficient home and save on bills, plus improve your resale value and capital by being thoughtful about the design.

Madison | Custom | Allambie Heights, Sydney 

Easy, affordable luxury that’s customised for you

新2皇冠mobile Homes create custom dream homes , without the hefty price tag of renovations.

Our team’s wealth of experience, knowledge of council requirements and unbelievably thorough approach will allow you to optimise a block of land and custom-build the ideal home for your family’s lifestyle and budget. Here’s why you should consider a knockdown rebuild with 新2皇冠mobile Homes…

  • Low supervisor to construction ratio : Our supervisors work on a limited number of projects, so they can focus on our customers.
  • Experience : We have in-depth knowledge of all councils and their requirements, plus specs for difficult blocks, zone of influence, tree protection, arborist requirements, swimming pools, site checks, site access, site services and demolition, plus different cultural requirements.
  • No contracts until AFTER all approvals : You don’t sign until after you’ve received council approvals, final material selections, your homeowners’ warranty and construction certificate.
  • Hydraulic engineer check PRIOR to tender : This can save you significant costs down the track
  • Customisation & flexibility : We can optimise a home and block for your life, whether that’s through more lighting, energy efficiency, or building a custom-designed home for a chef, artist or musician!
  • Dedicated knockdown rebuild team : We’ve got your whole team in-house. A town planner, drafting, colour consultant, interior designer, cultural consultants  and independent market researchers.
  • Tender Estimate vs. Tender Actual Price: No nasty surprises. Our tender estimates are typically within 1-3% of the actual tender price.
  • Compliance check: Independent quality inspections from third parties ensure that every regulation is met.
  • Demolition guidance: An external company will perform this key step. However, we’ll be there for you all the way with expert advice and recommendations.
  • Build a You Home: We can provide you with a customised design that will suit your block, your lifestyle and your vision for your dream home.
Ready to start your knockdown rebuild journey? Get in touch with our expert team today!


Build a you home with 新2皇冠mobile Homes.


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